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Geocoordinates from Wikipedia for Google Earth

Deutsche Version

In the free Software Google Earth is it possible to use own data and to connect this with a website. In the free encyclopedia Wikipedia some Wikipedian support the WikiProject Geographical coordinates, where they include coordinates in the articles. I use this coordinates to create a dataset for Google Earth.


Language Date Google Earth
ca 2008-03-09 KMZ (0,2 MB)
cs 2008-03-20 KMZ (0,3 MB)
de 2008-03-20 KMZ (3,0 MB)
en 2008-03-12 KMZ (6,3 MB)
eo 2008-03-19 KMZ (0,1 MB)
es 2008-03-17 KMZ (0,5 MB)
fi 2008-03-11 KMZ (0,1 MB)
fr 2008-03-23 KMZ (1,2 MB)
nds 2008-03-19 KMZ (0,1 MB)
nl 2008-03-10 KMZ (2,5 MB)
pt 2008-03-13 KMZ (1,6 MB)
ru 2008-03-07 KMZ (0,6 MB)

First extract the Zip-File. The dataset has the KMZ-Format and must be open in Google Earth (Menu File/Open).

The big number of coordinates can be a problem for slow computers, e.g. when indicating the many localities in Central Europe or North America. The dynamic KML-File of Tim Alder use only the important points of a view.

Test it and have fun! Stefan Kühn

Screenshots (german version):